Thursday, 29 January 2009

Brazas 45 Tulse Hill Tulse Hill London, SW2 2TJ

Brazas is a portuguese bargain explosion!! For £5 you can get a burger with fries.I had a chicken bacon and avocado sandwich in a grilled ciabatta and it was fucking great.

Also at Brazas
grilled sardines and cod cakes
spicy chicken with rice and salsa
spicy or plain grilled chicken (available as a ¼, ½ or whole
grilled ribs with sweet soy sauce
whole chorizo
pasta with Broccoli or melanzani (aubergines, tomatoes, mozzarella)
They also have a mini delicatessen with a variety of meat and cheese

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Friday, 16 January 2009


Here is a comprehensive report comissioned by Tastebud Deluxe showing photographs from Lomaxo's recent trip to Thailand. The trip took Lomaxo to Central, North and South Thailand, incorpoating, land, sea and air travel and visiting many eating esatblishment along the way. Various restaurants were vistited in Bangkok, Chang Mai, Yao Noi and of course road side joints in between, sampling local dishes and produce from each region...enjoy!

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

MELVIN IN HAVANA PART 2- Concordia No.418 /Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana. Ciudad de la Habana. Cuba.

After my Pollo experience my gastronomic spirts were down. I needed something to get my juices flowing. Luckily I found myself at the British ambassadors house for drinkie poos, and she pointed my sorry ass in the direction of La Guarida a paladar which are places to eat in peoples houses. La Guarida is in the old town and like all the buildings in the old town was absolutely amazing. As you walk in through the giant wooden doors, up the dimly lit stairs you feel as if your entering a secret hideout. You are actually walking though peoples flats. A kid was kicking a ball against the wall and washing was hanging out to dry. When I reached the third floor I rang on a door bell to get into La Guarida itself. As you can see by the photos its a great setting to munch in. We had pork, seafood, potato's and a side salad. The food was good but not excellent but after POLLO it was just fine.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

MELVIN IN HAVANA PART 1- POLLO L entre 21/19 Vedado, Havana Cuba.

Before I went to Havana people told me that the food was nasty, and it would be hard to get something good to eat. Over the next few reviews I will take you to a range of very different eating establishments. 

Very pissed one night I wanted to munch on something kebab like. I kind of remember being taken to this shack on the side of the road where we ate POLLO, its like KFC but the chicken has no bones its dry, stale and comes in a soggy bag. Then there was err potato cheese nuggets, as I put one In my mouth, quickly I found myself putting another in and then another, one thing was very clear I was extremely pissed, because when I look back at the photos I cant believe I put almost a whole bag of that shit in to my body. The next day I felt very low and a bit upset and tried to forget the POLLO brothel.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Gastro, 67 Venn Street, Clapham, SW4 0BD

Andouillette (aka Colon Sausage) & Frites

Why is it that we pay such steep prices for the honest food of the poor?

At £15.40 including service, this dish is not cheap.  Especially when you consider that it's made from Pig Colon, surely this by-product of butchery is just that, a by-product that was cheap and affordable for the poor.  Either way it was tasty, but be warned it's not for everyone.  I've heard some people describe the odour of the sausage as something akin to a mens urinal at Victoria Terminus in Bombay.  

I must say I've always liked it, the sausage, not the smell.  It's an interesting sight when you sever the crispy skin with a knife to see the slippery bits of shriveled colon spill out.  The combination of the crispy skin, the salty soft colon stuffing and a frite done good with mustard sauce is gluttonous beauty.  The food at Gastro can generally be hit and miss, but they do their fries perfectly like only the french can.  Try  going there for breakfast and get the Croque Madame which is quite cheap.

A great meal, but vastly overpriced.


Hval Biff, or my tumultuous love affair with Whale Meat

Whale, something I said I'd never eat.  As a young lad my mum and I sent off five dollars a month to sponsor a humpback whale, in return I got a little t-shirt, a black and white glossy of my whale friend and the occasional message from whale friend thanking me for saving his life.  My five year old conscience felt  morally warm and fuzzy whenever I went to bed.

This all changed however when I grew older and developed an appetite for taboo meat, and ofcourse the constant statements from a norwegian friend telling me there's "Shitloads of Minke Whale out there" helped brainwash me pretty good.

So here it is, my second date with Whale Meat, this time in the form of Whale Sashimi, as any whale lover will tell you, raw is the only way to eat it.  It tastes like amazing buttery beef, a bit like Kobe or Wagyu with a slight livery aftertaste that just melts in your mouth.  We finished it off pretty quickly, my Norwegian friend very gently declared after we'd eaten it, "That was great  I don't feel like we're going to hell".  Sorry Whale Friend, wherever you are.

Nippon-Art, Oslo, Norway
Hval Biff Sashimi, 68 NOK (roughly £6.00)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce With Skull Cap and Cape. Habanero peppers, water, african oleoresin, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, onion, vegetable oil, acetic acid, garlic & xanthan gum

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