Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The World's Worst Hotdog, 37 Berwick Street London W1F 8RS

We all know it's a pretty hard task to find a decent hotdog in
London. So today while walking around Soho I came across this little
joint proclaiming to be the 'Gourmet Hotdog Company'. I should've
known from the inclusion of the word 'gourmet' that this would be a

So how was it? Awful!! The worst hotdog I have ever
had in my entire life! Stale bun, stale frank that was tough and felt
like an eraser.   Avoid at all costs, and damn is it
costly!  £4.25 for a 'Chicago Dog', which was NOT a Chicago style
hotdog at all! The sheer audacity of these people to charge money for
this rubbish! You have been warned!