Sunday, 23 November 2008

MISATO 11 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PG

If like me and Rajesh you fucking love your sushi but feel you don't quite get enough when you want to pig out unless you spend all your pocket money. Then Misato is the place to go. It's cheep and always hits the spot. When me and the big R were last in I had the sushi bento and he had the katsu curry, we didn't talk much just got down to some silent eating.
The staff aren't always friendly but that doesn't matter as its a quick eat and isn't the kind of place you'd have your 30th birthday. There's almost always a que but its worth the wait. 

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Papa DelS 347 Archway Rd London N6 5AA

Papa Dels has been around for about 10 years and with just two big old lord of the rings type tables to dine at its quite a nice setting to munch pizza in. From 9pm-11pm its only £3 for any pizza with 2 toppings. They also make their own cookies which is great if you want to get a bit fatter I have and I feel fantastic for it. So if your in the N6 area give it a munch. - 24 prizes a day, every day. Search now

Saturday, 22 November 2008

LOCH FYNE SEAFOOD BAR AND GRILL Covent Garden 2-4 Catherine Street London WC2B 5JS

There are 49 Loch Fyne restaurants in the UK and more are being built, probably out of bricks glass and some kind of wood.My recent trip to the one in Covent Garden was extremely pleasant and as you can imagine quit fishy. I turned to the lovely waitress and my order went something like start 18 oysters which got me all reved up and very giggly, then a grilled whole sea bass with new potatoes and rosemary and herb butter, and to finish a very cheesy cheese board. It was excellent, the sea bass cooked nice and crispy just like muma used to make, and as for the oysters well they fucking rocked. The cheese wasn't bad i've had better in the past. All in all a great eat and at an affordable price its all good at the Loch Fyne.

CASA DON CARLOS 5 Union Street, The Lanes,East Sussex, Brighton, BN1 1HA

Casa Don Carlos is a spanish tapas restaurant tucked away in the lanes of Brighton. I would recommend that the hardcore tapas eating freaks book to get a table or it will be tears at dinner time. When I was there the delights that I encountered were meat balls in tomato sauce, paella, sardines, a bottle of red don't you know. And I often when sitting on public transport look back and think those meatballs were something special and I won't them now. Over 40 different tapas (£3-6) are offered and wines range from £10.95-£19.95 a bottle . So the next time your in Brighton go eat tapas.

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