Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hval Biff, or my tumultuous love affair with Whale Meat

Whale, something I said I'd never eat.  As a young lad my mum and I sent off five dollars a month to sponsor a humpback whale, in return I got a little t-shirt, a black and white glossy of my whale friend and the occasional message from whale friend thanking me for saving his life.  My five year old conscience felt  morally warm and fuzzy whenever I went to bed.

This all changed however when I grew older and developed an appetite for taboo meat, and ofcourse the constant statements from a norwegian friend telling me there's "Shitloads of Minke Whale out there" helped brainwash me pretty good.

So here it is, my second date with Whale Meat, this time in the form of Whale Sashimi, as any whale lover will tell you, raw is the only way to eat it.  It tastes like amazing buttery beef, a bit like Kobe or Wagyu with a slight livery aftertaste that just melts in your mouth.  We finished it off pretty quickly, my Norwegian friend very gently declared after we'd eaten it, "That was great  I don't feel like we're going to hell".  Sorry Whale Friend, wherever you are.

Nippon-Art, Oslo, Norway
Hval Biff Sashimi, 68 NOK (roughly £6.00)

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