Wednesday, 14 January 2009

MELVIN IN HAVANA PART 1- POLLO L entre 21/19 Vedado, Havana Cuba.

Before I went to Havana people told me that the food was nasty, and it would be hard to get something good to eat. Over the next few reviews I will take you to a range of very different eating establishments. 

Very pissed one night I wanted to munch on something kebab like. I kind of remember being taken to this shack on the side of the road where we ate POLLO, its like KFC but the chicken has no bones its dry, stale and comes in a soggy bag. Then there was err potato cheese nuggets, as I put one In my mouth, quickly I found myself putting another in and then another, one thing was very clear I was extremely pissed, because when I look back at the photos I cant believe I put almost a whole bag of that shit in to my body. The next day I felt very low and a bit upset and tried to forget the POLLO brothel.

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