Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Rajesh In Dubai: Adventures in Camel Milk

My Mate Chef Bahadur poses with the Camel Milk

The brand is called "Camelicious" !!! How funny is that?

My mother actually visited the farm where this is made, it's run by a European lady.  Here's the scoop on the lady from my mum: 

"She walked the camels from Syria to Yemen. SHe did it to raise awareness and money for a mobile clinic in Palestine and Syria for women who can afford it. For breast cancer and other issues."

Mum recommended the normal one, she likes it a lot, camel milk is meant to have some good properties, not that I know what they are. While on the farm she said that they were given the straight up untreated fresh-from-the-animal milk and it was very very salty, she prefers the bottled one.

After the first sip of the date bottle I decided not to drink and review them in all one day, so I spread out the review, one camel milk a day...

Camelicious Date
Very sweet, thick and rich. It resembles what milk tastes like at the bottom of the bowl when you've had raisin bran in it and have finished the cereal, leaving the milk thats soaked up the sugary fruitness of the raisins. I liked it, but ultimately way too rich and sweet.  Not too much of a 'Camel Vibe'.

Camelicious Saffron
Well, this was very interesting.  Alot of middle eastern foods and sweets use saffron, the flavour of this one was similar to having a saffron infused dessert. A very unique flavour for a milk, with subtle nutty notes, I could have this after a meal as a dessert on it's own. Again very rich and low on the 'Camel Vibe'.

Camelicious Plain Camel
Wow. Now this was definitely proud to be born of Camel. It was a touch thicker than cow milk, with a slightly meaty undertone, not in a sick way ofcourse, but in the way Goat Dairy products have a bit of Animal in them. Much evidence of 'Camel Vibe', albeit in an inoffensive way.

Final Conclusion

Camel milk is too damn rich to subsitute Cow Milk but is a fun alternative for the adventurous.  Also, I now want to eat Camel, I wonder if this sentiment is related to the drinking of the milk.

Yours in Fatness and radiating with "Camel Vibe",



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