Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dear readers

I'm back from the Middle East and feel a bit fatter.  My suitcase was filled so much food it could be considered smuggling.

Need some advice.  Does anyone know of a good Arabic or Iranian Bakery in London?  I want to make a dish that I need some special bread for.

All help appreciated.

Lots more Posts from my Gastronomic Travels coming soon...

Yours in Fatness,




Kake said...

I hope you have your cola bottle of olive oil :)

I am making a wild guess from the photo that the dish you want the bread for is something along the lines of this. I have no suggestions for a bakery, I'm afraid, but doesn't this kind of bread go stale quite quickly, and so might it be best to make your own?

Melvin Smack & Rajesh Thappar said...

Hi Kake

Thanks for chiming in, the Olive oil survived the journey!

Actually, the photo was just something I threw onto the post, but after looking at yours the bread is very similar to the kind I'm after. I have contemplated making it, have you got a good recipe?


Kake said...

I'm afraid the only flatbread recipe I have is for pitta.

Thinking about it more, I wonder if Mohsen (the place where I got the food in that photo) would sell you a batch to take away. Perhaps best to ask when they're not busy — they're open all day, so perhaps mid-afternoon or early evening would be good.