Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rosie's Deli-Cafe, 14e Market Row Brixton Market, SW9

Rosie's is a cute little joint in Brixton's Market Row.  I've started frequenting it since last year.  They do a selection of homemade soups, cakes, wraps, sammiches, have a deli counter and assortments of great pantry items.  As the chalk-board proclaims, everything is served with 'Love and Lemons'.

I pop in a few times a week for a sandwich and a chat.  The staff are very warm and open, and are great to exchange recipes and cooking tips with.  They love their food as much and Melvin and I do.

The sandwich I've been lusting after recently is Copocollo, Spinach and Pecorino Sardo.  The bread is wonderful and comes freshly baked every day from Franco Manca around the corner.  Copocollo, or 'Gabagool' as the Sopranos call it is an Italian Salume made from pork neck, shoulder and fennel.  It's got a delightful salty flavour, you can really taste the pork's nice bits mingling with the fennel.  Combine that with creamy gooey melted Pecorino's subtle nutty notes and you're in heaven.  The sandwich is not on the menu,  but the staff are nice enough to whip them up to your needs and specifications.  I love this goddamn sandwich, I've eaten it twice this week.

Go on, say it, "Gabagoooool" 

Capocollo, Spinach & Perocino Sammich at Rosie's, £4.50

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thankyou! how very kind your words.
do come in again and we can chat more.
love Rosie xxx