Wednesday, 24 February 2010

LEFTOVERS: Scandinavian Kitchen, 61 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PP

This place is great for a quick light take-out or a speedy sit down. If I'm in the area I pick up selection they do of 5 open-face sandwiches for £7 to share with Mrs. Rajesh for a light dinner alternative.

They also stock pantry/grocery items for home-sick Scandinavian people, you can pick up some Kvikk-Lunsj chocolate (which I dig) or some Caviar Spread that they eat on eggs for breakfast in Norway and Sweden. Fish egg on egg action, don't you love it?

Excellent little Scando sandwiches, and healthy tasting too. My favourites are the meatball and beetroot salad ones as well as the prawn and egg. I started going there when they were fairly new but they've developed a bit of a following so it can get busy during lunch hours and resemble a fishmarket.


5 Sandwiches for £7.00



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ivan koki said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish it was able to be translated, but for some reason Google toolbar isn't working.
I copy pasted it into another application and read the post. ))