Tuesday, 29 September 2009


6 Therberton Street 

Islington, London

N1 0QX

020 7226 0504


We stumbled upon this curry house walking up Upper St from Angel in the hope of finding an Indian. We first walked past the chain Masala Zone, which I've eaten in before and didn't enjoy. Parveen is very near the cool, old cinema – Screen on the Green.


The Decor was pleasant, low-lit and, in the area we were in, the music was quiet.  However, we were sat right by the door, which was open, causing us to be sat in a draught. The seat wasn't overly comfortable – a standard wooden chair. 


The service was prompt, despite the fact that our waitresses English was pretty poor. After poppadoms, which were good, we were kept waiting for some time for our food – perhaps as long as forty minutes. The food then came sans rice and we had to wait a couple of minutes for the rice to arrive, which was tortuous after waiting for the dishes to arrive.


I ordered a Basil Fawlty (Balti) with chicken, garlic naan and Pilau rice. I enjoyed my meal and the meat was of good quality – not overly hot and stated as being med/hot. We were given hot towels after our meal. But no palette cleanser or mints etc. (Apologies for the poor pic, didn't have my camera – it was better than it looks!)


Pretty standard pricing really – around seven to nine pounds for a main. We were presented with 20% of our bill at the end, in a brick Lane style 'everyone gets a discount'. It was still appreciated though.


The restroom felt a little neglected and a doorway had been left open to view old cans of oil outside. One tap was broken, but it was clean.


Friendly staff, tasty food. A few little things could have been better. Like cloth napkins instead of paper and an ice bucket for the wine. The wait for the meal was also slightly too lengthy. If I was in the area again, I would quite likely go back – although the Spanish Tapas bar just up the road may get my custom next time.

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