Wednesday, 25 February 2009


On the day before I left havana a friend i'd made took me to another paladar in the new town. Id asked him to take me to a typically cuban eatery. He explained that this kind of place was the cheapest and most popular in havana. Cafeteria 304 is down an ally way, and leeds to a small flat where you wait outside to be served. An old lady, the mother of the chef, sits in the living room making the boxes that are used to eat from. She has a nice little pile going. There is a young man asleep next to her and a radio is playing cuban music. I place my order, and ask to go inside to see it being cooked. On the menu was pork, rice, potato and salad. Liver, rice, potato and salad, and homemade lemonade. Which i didn't drink all of as it was made from the local tap water. But the bit I did try was damn good. The slab of pork I had was beautifully seasoned, with a chili kick and a dash of lemon on top. I tried some of the liver too which had been seasoned the same and was equally as good. A box of this great food set me back about a  £1. While we were there two lads sat munching on this local fast food and a dog took a turd a few metres away. As a tourist you would never find this kind of place but if you do know anybody in Havana, ask them for Cafeteria 304 or somewhere like it, because this is the real deal.

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