Friday, 27 February 2009

Guest Review: Raphael Returns!

Raphael is back, this time spreading his critique onto Dad Pete's Pancakes...


"These pancakes were a bit out of shape but very delishus. I had seven pancakes! the not nicest filling was the cheese one and the two lovelyest were the honey and nutella fillings. mummy and daddy tried to make me have strawberry and banana but i said no way daddy.


Thanks Raphael! Come back soon. By the way, where's the recipe for that new snack you created?

-Rajesh x

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renu said...

Hi Raphael, thats a nice combo honey and nutella, i will try it sometime soon. Hmm strawberry and banana together not so good,agree with you, but each on its own in a pancake not bad. Waiting to check out the next review of your mom and dad's cooking.... Take care.