Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cannoli at Arancina, Notting Hill

Arancina is family run Italian that has aspirations to be a big franchise, and they've already begun to expand with their concept of fresh Italian food on the move.  They sell a host of snacks such as the Arancina that they're named after, a rice ball filled with ragu and an assortment of pizzas by the slice and confectionaries.

Having been overdosing on the Sopranos recently I felt an urge to pop into Arancine for some Cannoli.  Their Cannoli are really rich, and really big.  The photos don't do them justice, one is almost a meal on it's own.  Cannoli should be bannned, they're dance with death, they hurt so good.  You know once you have ingested that the ever looming heart-attack will be hard and fast.  Recommended.

TRIVIA:  They named a Sandwich here after my friend Dr. Simon Godley, the infamous Dentist-Comedian, ask for 'Doc Simon's Sandwich'.

Cannoli, £1.50 Each

19 Pembridge Road, Notting Hill W11 3HG

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